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Wedding Speech Templates

Wedding Speech Templates

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Think of it as the best Mad Libs ever! You provide the stories and memories, and this fill-in-the-blank template provides structure, flow and prompts for the best possible content.

With this template, writers of any ability can use it to construct a heartfelt and funny wedding speech quickly and easily!

Your wedding speech template is a ready-to-customize Microsoft Word template designed specifically for your type of speech. It includes prompts and questions to generate ideal content, expert tips for adding humor and a game day checklist to ensure perfect delivery!




About Beth

Hi, I'm Beth, a 7x Emmy award-winning tv comedy writer, and the founder of Authentically Funny Speeches, a speech writing and consulting company dedicated to making real people -- real funny. Want to know more about me? Click here.

How it works

Immediately after purchase, you’ll be emailed a link to download all materials.

Who it's for

Best suited to:

  • Haven’t started writing yet
  • Need help with ideas for content
  • Need help with the overall structure of the speech

Not for:

❌ Already wrote a draft and looking for help with editing and humor. For feedback and editing help, consider a Speech Audit or a 60 Minute LIVE Speech Review.

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