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How often do you have a chance to publicly thank the most important people in your lives? The newlywed or bride and groom thank you speech (or bride and bride, or groom and groom,) is a chance to thank your friends and family not just for buying a new outfit and travelling to your wedding – but for everything they do to make your lives special.

You want to speak from the heart, but you also want some humor to balance out all the gooey stuff.

Hi, I'm Beth. I'll help you give the best wedding speech of the night!

Add my Newlywed Thank You Speech Template to your cart and get a fill-in-the-blank speech writing kit, complete with examples, structure, and suggestions on where to add jokes, who should say what, and how to be funny without causing cringe. Follow the step by step instructions, and you’ll have a solid first draft before you know it.

If you’ve already written a first draft that’s meh, I can make it a 10. If you’ve waited til the last minute, book a Video Speech Audit, and get my feedback and fixes within 24 hours.  If you’ve got an hour to spare, book a Live Punch-Up session, and we’ll jump on a Zoom to go through your speech line by line to smooth out the lumps, cut the filler, sharpen your jokes, and deliver it perfectly. Together, we’ll get your speech polished, and have more than a few laughs along the way.

Wish you could just click ‘add to cart’ and create a speech? You can! With my “I Write It For You” service, you’ll answer a few questions and I’ll take it from there. It’s a fully collaborative process, which means  you’ll get an amazing newlywed thank you speech that sounds like YOU. And best of all, you get to take all the credit.

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