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My templates and one-to-one services ensure you give the best wedding speech, eulogy or special occasion toast humanly possible. I'm talking, "laugh, cry, lump-in-the-throat" perfection.

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If you don't know where to start, try a wedding speech template.

Complete wedding speech writing kits that include a perfectly structured, fill-in-the-blank wedding speech template. The tone, flow and humor is already baked in. Just follow the instructions and story prompts to quickly create a uniquely personal first draft you can start polishing.

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Instead of wondering if your jokes work, or if you've forgotten something - or someone - important, work with me, and on the big day, you'll step up to the mic with absolute confidence.

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A handsome man in a tuxedo smiles and speaks into a microphone, delivering a funny best man speech

People are gonna remember this speech.

Nail it and leave no doubt about the depth of your affection for everyone involved.

However, fail and you'll forever be known as

the one who gave that weird speech at the wedding.

As a comedian and Emmy award-winning comedy writer, when it comes to making people laugh, I know what works, what doesn’t, and why.

I’ll not only help you perfect the structure and tone of your speech, I’ll help you add real, all-ages humor to it.

Imagine the DJ or wedding photographer telling you afterwards that your speech was the best they’ve ever heard.

Read the reviews and you'll see that for my clients, it happens all the time. 

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Who do I think I am?

Hi, I'm Beth. I'm a comedian, an Emmy award-winning tv comedy writer, creator of a top YouTube channel, and founder of Authentically Funny Speeches. Want to know more about my TV writing career or why I love helping clients create funny wedding speeches and joyful eulogies? Just click the button.

More About Me
A young woman with long, dark hair, wearing an off white bridesmaid dress stands at a podium with notes in front of her. She is smiling and speaking into a microphone giving a maid of honor wedding speech.

You don’t have to try hard to be funny. Real life is hilarious.

I've spent the past 25+ years as a professional comedy writer, crafting jokes for David Letterman, Jay Leno, Ellen Degeneres, Helen Mirren and Tom Hanks.

You don’t need cringey puns or corny dad jokes to get big laughs.

Truth is funny.

My products and services will help you write a wedding speech that's heartfelt and genuinely funny. No groaners, pity laughs, tired clichés, or bland ChatGPT.