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Live Punch-Up Session: Wedding Speech

Live Punch-Up Session: Wedding Speech

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Book a 60 minute Zoom session for collaborative, line-by-line speech editing with a professional comedy writer. Together, we’ll read through your draft to smooth out the lumps, perfect your structure, finesse the jokes, and ensure your speech is hilarious, lump-in-the throat perfection!


About Beth

Hi, I'm Beth, a 7x Emmy award-winning tv comedy writer, and the founder of Authentically Funny Speeches, a speech writing and consulting company dedicated to making real people -- real funny. Want to know more about me? Click here.

How it works

Immediately after purchase, you’ll be emailed a link to a calendar that will allow you to book your session and prompt you to answer a few background questions. You’ll also receive instructions on how and when to submit your speech before your session. (As late as the night before is fine.)

This service includes our one hour call, PLUS complimentary email review of later drafts.

Who it's for

Best suited to:

  • Already wrote a draft, but you think it can be improved
  • Want to improve content and structure and humor
  • Unsure about how to deliver your speech (performance coaching)

Not for:

❌ No speech written yet

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Questions? Watch this video!

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