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I Write It For You: Officiant

I Write It For You: Officiant

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Wedding Ceremony Writing - Help For Officiants!

Family or friends asked you to officiate their ceremony? No pressure! Get award-winning help for a truly heartfelt and expertly funny wedding ceremony. This fully collaborative service includes a unique 15-20 minute ceremony, unlimited revisions and delivery coaching.

Normal turnaround time = four (4) weeks. Rush service is available at an additional cost.

About Beth

Hi, I'm Beth, a 7x Emmy award-winning tv comedy writer, and the founder of Authentically Funny Speeches, a speech writing and consulting company dedicated to making real people -- real funny. Want to know more about me? Click here.

How it works

Immediately after purchase, you’ll be emailed a form asking a few background questions and providing a link to book an initial discovery call. After that call, I’ll email you a set of 20+ custom background questions crafted to generate the best possible content for your speech.

Once I’ve written the first draft of your speech, I’ll send it to you for review, and then you and I will go back and forth revising it until you say it’s finished.

A good comparison is having a piece of custom clothing made; lots of questions and measuring before creation begins, and then small adjustments afterwards to make the fit absolutely perfect.

Who it's for

Best suited to:

  • Too busy to dedicate the necessary time to writing the speech
  • Want a unique, heartfelt and funny speech thatsounds like you!

Not for:

❌ Starting at $1497, this service isn’t within everyone’s budget.

Still have questions

Book a 15 minute discovery call.

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How does it work? Watch this video!

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