This Small Mistake RUINS Wedding Speeches, Here's Why!

This Small Mistake RUINS Wedding Speeches, Here's Why!

This seemingly small mistake ruins so many wedding speeches, but it doesn't have to! This quick video explains how to avoid it, and why it's so important that you do.



I'm a professional wedding speech writer. The number one tip I can give you for great wedding speech delivery? Make sure people can hear you.

I know it sounds super obvious, but it's a wedding and weddings have just notoriously bad sound. You're delivering jokes. You want to get laughter, and laughter involves a set-up and a punch line. So, in a straight sort of speech, and in like a business speech, people can kind of follow along, even if they're missing about 10% of what you're saying.

But if you're doing comedy, and this speech, there's a lot of comedy, in this speech, with the heart. If they miss 10%, well, they're missing a little bit of the set-up, which means the punchline is going to make not a lot of sense, or they'll hear the set-up, but they won't realize it was a set-up because they're not going to hear the punchline clearly.

And again, all the effort you put into having this great rhythm of make them laugh, hit them in the heart, make them laugh, then it's a little heartfelt -- it's all gonna be gone if they can't hear you.

You want people to just really get every word of your wedding speech. So that means when you go up there, ask, "Can everybody hear me? Can everyone hear me?"

People will tell you. I promise they will tell you, especially at a wedding. You got all the old aunts going, "No! Speak up! Speak up!"

They will tell you because they want to hear what you have to say in your wedding speech. So, ask if people can hear you, adjust your volume accordingly.

You may find you need to shout. You may find you're doing one of these things with the mic, and the mic's just horrible, it's a terrible sound system because you're in a barn and it's just, you know, some cheap mic plugged into an amplifier.

That's fine. You may end up doing one of these where you put it down and you say, "Is it better if I just talk like this?" And people will say, "Yes! Yes, that's better," instead of having it go through all garbled and it sounds like you're making announcements on the New York City subway system. That's fine.

Whatever the solution is, even if it's just raising your volume and projecting a little bit more, that's all you have to do to ensure an unforgettable father of the bride speech, maid of honor speech, mother of the groom speech, best man speech or father of the groom speech.

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