The Perfect Length For Your Maid of Honor Speech

The Perfect Length For Your Maid of Honor Speech

How long should your maid of honor speech be?


Here’s my official answer as a professional comedy writer, maid of honor speech expert and wedding guest:

Aim for about 5 minutes.

Why do I say “about 5 minutes?”

Because if it’s a little more or less than 5 minutes, you’re still in the right ballpark.  

If you don’t have a lot to say, or you don’t know the person well and you keep it short and sweet at 3 minutes, that’s totally fine.  

If your speech creeps up to 7-ish minutes, that’s ok too.

The most important thing isn’t the size of your speech, it’s the structure – and by that I mean, does it have one?

Of course your maid of honor speech is going to be heartfelt and funny. You love this girl. You’ve got a ton of stories. But your listeners have to be able to follow those stories.

A great maid of honor speech has a clear beginning, middle and end.

There’s nothing worse than listening to a speech that gets off to a great start and then watching it sink like a stone.

Your maid of honor speech should be a snowball rolling downhill, gathering momentum, telling us everything we need to know in a clear, easy to follow way, building to a strong natural finish — your toast.

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