Get 1:1 Help With Your Wedding Speech... From A Comedy Writer

If you're struggling for the right words, or you've written a wedding speech that needs to go from a 5 to a 10, I can help.

Book my 60 minute Zoom session for collaborative, line-by-line wedding speech editing with me, an Emmy-winning comedy writer. Together, we’ll read through your draft to smooth out the lumps, perfect your structure, finesse the jokes, and ensure your wedding speech is hilarious, lump-in-the throat perfection! 

Want to know how it works? Watch this one minute video:

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Hi, I'm Beth. I'm a comedian, an Emmy-winning comedy writer, and the founder of Authentically Funny Speeches.

In addition to my tv writing career, since 2017, I've been helping people just like you create and deliver amazing toasts and speeches.

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