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I've been ghostwriting and editing heartfelt and funny wedding speeches since 2017.

I know what works, what doesn't, and why... and I love talking about it.

More importantly, I've spent my entire professional career as a writer, producer and performer. I know how to show up ready to deliver for you and your audience.


Who do I think I am?

I'm a speaker, comedian, Emmy award-winning Hollywood comedy writer, YouTube personality, and founder of Authentically Funny Speeches, a service dedicated to helping wedding speakers successfully deliver heartfelt and funny toasts.

I've written for the biggest shows in American comedy, including Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, and Ellen. She’s written for the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards three times, and the Academy Awards twice, writing jokes and presenter copy for the world’s biggest celebrities, including Tom Hanks, Helen Mirren, and Queen Latifah.

Over the course of my career, I've won seven (7) Emmy awards (Academy of TV Arts & Sciences,) and was nominated for multiple Writers Guild Awards, including a 2023 nomination for the Netflix comedy special, Stand Out: An LGBTQ+ Stan-Up Comedy Celebration.

Authentically Funny Speeches On YouTube

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  • Award-winning writer

    7x Emmy award-winning comedy writer

  • #1 Wedding Speech Writing Channel on YouTube

    Over 300,000 views, and 52% growth month-month

  • Stand-Up Comedian

    I've performed at clubs across the US, and on military bases in Kuwait and Iraq

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Why Wedding Speeches?

I love helping people create and deliver heartfelt and funny toasts and speeches for the big moments in their lives.

(After 25 years writing for television, I think of it as finally using my powers for good.)

I’m genuinely passionate about the power laughter has to bring us closer together.

Much of my ghostwriting and consulting is for wedding speeches and eulogies. In both cases, there's often a minefield of baggage to negotiate — difficult personalities, divorces, rifts, feuds, hurt feelings and situations that are just plain sad.

I love helping clients navigate that challenge; remember happy moments, endearing qualities, memorable anecdotes, and share them in an entertaining way. Comedy is all about breaking the tension — and done well, it can instantly unify an audience, which in this case are the people nearest and dearest to the speaker.

Topics I Can Speak On

I can speak directly to members of the wedding party (B2C,) or to other wedding professionals (B2B.)

For brides and family

  • How to guarantee amazing speeches at your wedding
  • How to write the perfect speech for your child’s wedding
  • How to ask someone to speak at your wedding
  • How to give an unforgettable newlywed toast
  • How to give a best man speech that won’t get you cancelled

For wedding professionals

  • How to help your client get unforgettable wedding speeches
  • Setting wedding speakers up for success
  • How wedding photographers ruin wedding speeches

Custom presentations also available